"I really love NobCessory. I suffer from fibromyalgia and spinal stenosis. Using Nobcessory with Backnobber enables me to reach my back & neck to apply product, without reaching over my shoulders or around my sides & without hurting my arms or neck."
--- Dee
NobCessory® attached to The Original Backnobber® II or Thera Cane® is the perfect combination for everyone, incl. fibromyalgia, lupus, arthritis, shoulder/ back injuries, frozen shoulder, neurological or other conditions to apply lotion, pain gel, sports cream or medicine to their back without pain caused by twisting, turning, rotating shoulders, arms, hands.


I was completely blown away when I used NobCessory how it was able to get deep in my muscles and joints. It truly provided great relief and I highly recommend this product.

-- Freeman -- UniBody-Fitness System

Nobcessory is an outstanding product! I am able to reach those hard to reach places around my shoulder blades and lower back with ease.  Whether it is to apply medicines for my sore muscles... Or to dig in deep, using the massager it enhances, to release knotted up tissue...  Nobcessory gets it done for me!

-- Geoffrey

I absolutely love this product. I have a torn rotator cuff and reaching my back has been a problem for a while. This product makes it so easy to clean and put lotion on my back. Thank you for creating this product. It has been such A blessing to me.

-- Adrianne

I am very pleased with my purchase.  I have dry skin and since I have been living alone, it has been impossible for me to apply lotion to my back.  I am pleased with how easy it is to apply the lotion with NobCessory.  Thank you so much for this wonderful product.
--- Pat D.

I am so grateful to the creators of NobCessory!  This may sound "info-mercial-ish", but this tool has seriously been a Godsend to me.  I also suffer from Fibromyalgia with flare ups occasionally.  This amazing tool has given me back my independence and set me free from HAVING to rely on the help of others for my personal care.  I can daily and without pain apply my pain relief creams ALL BY MYSELF, thanks to this tool.  To those of you who struggle with limited mobility or muscle fatigue of any sort, I cannot emphasize strongly enough how empowering it is to have this ability again.  I no longer feel like I am burdening my husband because I now have the ability to do this myself.  NobCessory has enabled me to claim independence again and I'm forever grateful for that.  Not only is the product itself amazing, but I was also thoroughly impressed by the outstanding personal customer service and speedy delivery.  God bless you all at NobCessory. 
--- Michele

Now that I'm almost 80 I find that stretching to apply oils and lotions to my entire back is difficult.  Fortunately, I purchased NobCessory® + Thera Cane® kit and now it is so easy and comfortable.
--- Don

I used NobCessory + Backnobber kit to apply Cerave to my dry back and it worked like a charm.  I hava a bad left shoulder, so covering my back with my hands is difficult.  It was so easy and no pain to my aching shoulder.  NobCessory is a winner!
--- Byrom

I was not able to reach my back with my hands or other products to spread Skin-So-Soft all over my dry skin.  I now spray just a little bit on my lower back and spread it all over my back so easily and evenly using NobCessory + Backnobber.  I have had dry skin for years and the areas of my back where I could not apply Skin-So-Soft were itching like crazy.  Thank you NobCessory for getting rid of my itchy back!  No more need for that back scratcher!
--- Mary

I'd twist, turn and try to turn myself inside out in order to get pain cream on the middle of my back. I used a long back brush with a sponge on it but I could not apply pressure to rub it in.  Then, I discovered NobCessory and I can easily apply and actually rub the cream into my mid and lower back.  What a great invention! It is perfect for people who live alone and have sore backs.
--- Joanne

For the first time, I did not have to have someone else apply my medicated pain cream to my back!  I can reach all the places I need and use as little or as much pressure as is helpful.  Even better, the Nobcessory is easy to attach to my deep tissue massager and the soft blue pad does not irritate my pain-sensitve skin.
--- Heather

I use NobCessory every morning to easily apply lotion all over my back after my shower. I am so glad that I don't have an itchy back anymore.  I also apply nerve pain cream (neuropathy) and inflammation gel in difficult to reach places on my back, neck, shoulders, sides, legs and feet.  It sure is nice to be able to get this done without having to depend on someone being home.  Using this helps me get things done even though I have lupus and neuropathy.  The Backnobber massager is easy and great to use to relieve deep pain.
--- Lynn 

NobCessory and my Backnobber II have made it possible for me to apply muscle cream and lotion to my back while I am traveling for business.
--- Pat

I can't reach my back and it is hard to lift my arms over my shoulders.  I love using the NobCessory with my Thera Cane to apply lotion to my back every morning after my shower.  I love it because my back doesn't itch anymore.  Plus Thera Cane is great for pain relief on muscles.  I use NobCessory with Thera Cane in the shower to wash and then use Thera Cane to massage under the water - feels so great!
--- Bette
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"NobCessory® soft socket® and its detachable accessories make spreading creams, gels and medications a simple task rather than a source of frustration. We are very excited to be able to recommend this accessory tool to our customers."  
--- Renee Gladieux Principe, Director of Sales, The Pressure Positive Company, 
Manufacturer of The Original Backnobber® II
The Original Backnobber® II
Manufacturer of The Original Backnobber® II
Techcellence Nobcessory
Creators / Manufacturers of NobCessory®

"I have been selling The Backnobber for quite sometime. I have discovered NobCessory is wonderful to use with The Backnobber because it is the only way my patients can easily apply product to their backs without reaching over their shoulders or around their sides, therefore your product is fantastic!" 

--- Dr. Robert Grace, DCM

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