NobCessory® Soft Socket® & pads enhance Backnobber® and Thera Cane® deep tissue massagers
NobCessory® best lotion applicator was developed for Enhancing Daily Independent Living®.

We are adding to the NobCessory® product line. One of the new products that is in the design phases is currently a free product in order to get feedback to decide on final design. 

Feel free to contact us to ask any questions, suggestions and to make comments.  We reply promptly. Thank you for contacting us.
NobCessory® attaches to Thera Cane® deep tissue massager which can be used by anyone.  Thera Cane® has great handles to reach all over the body.

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We would love to hear from you.  So please feel free to call (678-521-8842) or email us ( if you have any comments, suggestions or questions about NobCessory®.  

Additionally, if you are a repeat customer, have purchased NobCessory® before, either from this website or through ebay or Amazon and are interested in purchasing again, contact us for a potential discount

If you are distributor or want a large quantity for any reason please feel free to contact us so we can discuss options to make you smile like people do when they use NobCessory®. 

NobCessory® is also versatile in that it will work with any massager with an approximate 1.1 inch massager rounded knob/ball without a point / poker on knob.   It was made specifically to enhance Backnobber® and Thera Cane®; however, there are many other massagers with this size and shape knob.  Some are very long reaching your feet, some are midsize and many are hand held.  

We test NobCessory® on so many massagers as well as unique ones that we have created in house that are not in the market yet.

Thank you.
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