backnobber accessory
  • best product applicator
  • easily applies muscle cream, gel, lotion to your back
  • No rotating your shoulders
  • No twisting your arms
  • used with deep tissue massager
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Use NobCessory® to apply lotion, cream, gel, medicine and liquid to every inch of your back.
Use NobCessory® anywhere you need to apply a product.

Q & A 

  • Why do I need The Original Backnobber® II or Thera Cane® in addition to a NobCessory®?
NobCessory® is designed to work with these popular deep tissue massagers. The combination of NobCessory® and Backnobber II or Thera Cane® will give you a full range of daily benefits including easy and luxurious comfortable product (e.g. lotion, gel, muscle / sports product, inflammation gel, liquid, skin formulas, etc.) application and muscle triggler point massage to quickly release pain and relax your muscles.

  • Why should I buy NobCessory® if I don't have a Backnobber II or Thera Cane® massager tool?
If you think you need NobCessory® to get to those hard to reach areas like your back, neck and shoulders, then you likely need the Backnobber II or Thera Cane® to address the root reasons why you have limited reach. The Backnobber II and Thera Cane® allow you to effectively treat those tense, hard to reach areas with controlled compression. These simple tools provide profound results that improve your daily life!
    • How do I use NobCessory®?
    Snap the large knob of Backnobber II or Thera Cane® massage tool into NobCessory® soft socket®.  Then attach a top quality luxurious NobCessory® pad to the soft socket®. Hold the Backnobber II or Thera Cane® in front of your body and use it in various angles and positions that are most comfortable for you to reach all of your back, neck, shoulders, arms and sides. Remove NobCessory® when you want to use the Backnobber II or Thera Cane® for deep tissue massage.

    • How can I purchase the Backnobber II or Thera Cane®?
    They are both sold out now on this website.  We may have a couple left, so if you are interested please call us at 678-521-8842 or email us at and let us know your interested.
    If we are completely sold out then we recommend that you do an internet search for the best price that includes free shipping. Make sure that Thera Cane are made by The Thera Cane Company and is not the fake ones that are very low price, less than approximately $25, because those do not have the strength, durability and quality to be a deep tissue massager and do not work with NobCessory®.  The Thera Cane Max is now available but we do not have any in stock.

    • Where can I purchase NobCessory®?
    NobCessory® is available on this website "Home" by clicking the SHOP button and "Products" pages.  

    • If I already have a Backnobber II or Thera Cane® will I be able to get just NobCessory®?
    Yes, just click "Add to Cart" button next to NobCessory® Kit on the "Products" page.  You can get to this page by clicking on the SHOP button.